We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. Once interference is removed, our natural state of wholeness returns.

Private Sessions

Dr. Anna Stid is committed to offering services that will help you claim and be your most sovereign-soul-self, fully embodied and in alignment with your soul's calling and mission.  She is here to serve you if you are ready to take on the massive responsibility of being fully you and living your Dharma in service to Humanity. 

Private Sessions can be booked online~ Just click the buttons below each service.  

Dr. Anna Stid offers 15-20 minute complimentary consults or shamanic journey divinations to see if you are a candidate for this work.  

Neuro-emotional Technique

Neuro Emotional Technique  (NET), is a mind-body healing technology that finds and removes neurological imbalances and chronic unresolved stress patterns adversely affecting your nervous system and ability to be effective in your life the way you want to be.  These unresolved stress patterns are called, NEC’s or Neuro-Emotional Complexes

NECs are comprised of hardwired emotional responses trapped in the body like a broken record that plays over and over until the song either completes or the needle comes off the record by intervention. NET helps complete these broken hardwired emotional pathways by creating a physiological change, which is a result of physical contact via cutaneous or spinal access to the nervous system.  NET frees energy from the completed NECs, and as a result,  you can be free of the stress patterns that have you reacting to, vs. responding to life.

30 min NET Sessions $150

Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (NSA) & Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic (NSA) & Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a gentle-touch Chiropractic technique utilizing leading edge science on the edge of Quantum Physics, created by Dr.  Donald Epstein, DC. 

This heavily researched technique allows individuals to create wellness strategies for optimal living and thriving in a stress-orientated world. NSA & SRI unifies all of your energy bodies:  physical, emotional, mental, visionary, luminary soul, and spirit.

Dr. Anna Stid has been a practitioner of NSA & SRI for over 17 years. She is a level 3 certified doctor, the highest level of certification for Network Chiropractic. 

Core Shamanic Healing

Core Shamanic Healing comprises of common healing modalities found across the globe practiced  in most all indigenous traditions in some form or another.  

These healing modalities include: 

  • Soul Retrieval- Soul parts or parts of our essence that remained in the past to avert a traumatic or possible traumatic event in order to self preserve your perfect soul essence. 

  • Spirit Ally Retrieval- A spirit in the form of totem animal typically that offers you power, protection & support 

  • Energy Extractions- Removes energies that are not compatible or in harmony with your life-force that are like parasites that are ready to be moved along.

  • Spirit Release Work- Conscious energies that are knowingly or unknowingly attaching to your life-force and taking your vital energy.  Kind of like a squatter that's not paying rent yet benefiting from living in your home. 

  • Powering Up the life-force for one experiencing illness or less than well being- a great way to support or facilitate the healing process.

  • Pyscho-Pomp work:  Pyscho-Pomp is the Greek word for “soul conducting”.  Helping lost or trapped souls to cross over to the next stage of their evolutionary process as a conscious soul.   

These modalities are the birthright of all humans on the planet in a form of remembering that each of us has come from indigenous roots if we go back far enough!  These modalities were practiced by your great great great + ancestors and done with reverence to create balance and harmony within oneself, with nature, and with others. 

This work also aligns only with compassionate healing spirits who do not require energetic payment and operate from a place of Dharma or selfless service.  Beings such as Angels, power animals or ascended masters, or significant beings in their compassionate form. 

Core Shamanic Healings $150/hr

Curse Unraveling

A “curse” can be defined as having misfortune, evil or doom wished upon you or your family with intention and power. This can show up in your life as:  injury, constant loss or injury, no luck with money, love, abundance, success, or sabotage in a freakishly consistent and constant way. 

One way you can describe this experience:  You've done pretty much anything you can to empower and or heal yourself or those you care for and nothing seems to either work or last for long.  Curses are very real not just in magical story books like Harry Potter.  

It was common practice about 3-4 generations ago and still prevalent today. Professional curse practitioners would be hired by one family to curse the other family they were in a feud with. The cursed family, if they actually knew they had been cursed, could hire the same curse practitioner for even more money to undo the curse.  

These curses would usually extend way beyond the situation at hand and go for the "Root, Stock, and Seed".  So that a family or person and their loved ones would suffer in all ways possible and even the generations to come after them and it would be worse with the succeeding generations. 

Having a curse unraveled in this lifetime,  from a past lifetime, or in an ancestral lineage/generational curse can literally be life changing.  

If you suspect that being "cursed" applies to you, schedule a complimentary divination shamanic journey to find if this is the case, to see if you are a candidate for this intensive work.  

Curse Unraveling $200/hr

Spirit Release Work

Spirit Release Work: A person who has  experienced some form of trauma  or soul loss may find that they have become a host to a suffering being or entity(s).   The suffering being may influence the host in a variety of ways as well as live off their energy.  Symptoms that can show up when one is host to a suffering being can include but not limited to:  unexplained illness, depression, lack of energy, confusion, doing things you don't normally like to engage in or partake in, abuse, substance abuse, emotional problems, phobias, unexplained pain, & suicidal tendencies.  These symptoms may be from the overshadowing influence of the suffering being.  

Often, the suffering being had been compromised at the time of death, and was not able to move on into the light.  Sometimes the overshadowing  being  is not dead and is a different type of entity. 

The type of spirit release  Dr. Anna Stid practices is called “compassionate de-possession”.  Creating a win/win scenario so that both the client and the suffering being can truly be free and move on to their perspective paths of evolution.  

If you are experiencing these types of symptoms and think that you might possibly be unknowingly hosting a suffering being ,  I offer a complimentary divination shamanic journey to find out what is happening, and to explore if you are a good candidate for this work.  

Spirit Release Work $200/hr

Shamanic Chiropractic

Shamanic Chiropractic: Bridging together Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic, Somato Respiratory Integration and Neuro Emotional Technique, Shamanic Chiropractic is a leading-edge strategy to address the body/mind connection to reduce or eliminate stress patterns in your life, in collaboration with Core Shamanic modalities to address the energetic and spiritual levels of healing. Dr. Anna also utilizes Network Chiropractic to help integrate and incorporate these changes so that your landing is soft and gentle after an intensive healing session. 

If you know you are ready for this type of deep work and are committed to taking your life to the next level, please reach out and schedule a complimentary consult to see if you are a candidate for this  intensive work. 

Shamanic Chiropractic $250/ hr

Dr. Anna has been a godsend. Her gentle yet sharp intuitive guidance healed deep wounds and infused enduring strength at times of physical and emotional challenge in my life. I first saw Dr. Anna for whiplash and backache from a car accident. It was actually a calling for deeper healing beyond the physical manifestation of spinal misalignment and bodily aches and pains, that Dr.Anna helped me to connect with my heart and mind. I experienced my body unwind in response to her NSA and multi-sensory work in a dramatic fashion. I walked away from each session nurtured and my needs addressed with keen insight. She has helped remind myself of my body’s intrinsic knowledge in healing itself, with the guidance of a trained and attuned professional. I feel more empowered and attuned with my body than I had before treatment.

— Aliss Wang Founder of Dream.Shift.Inspire San Francisco, CA