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About Dr. Anna Stid

Dr. Anna Stid, DC, has a been a life-long intuitive healer. She currently resides in the North Bay of SF, CA. She has been practicing Chiropractic for over 17 years, helping people from all around the world. She loves to dance, sing, play her baritone ukulele, & has traveled to over 27 countries and counting.

Dr. Anna Stid specializes in:

*  NET- Neuro-Emotional Technique  
*Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic 

Dr. Anna bridges these modern day techniques with the ancient remedies of core Shamanic practice: 

*Curse Unraveling of  Ancestral lineage + Current/Past Timeline healing

*Overshadowed/Spirit Release work

* Soul & Spirit Ally retrieval 

Dr. Anna has had the opportunity to train in person with some of the world's most renowned Core Shamanic Teachers : 

* Sandra Ingerman
* Dr. Hank Wesselman
* Amanda Folger  with (FSS)  Foundation for Shamanic Studies  founded by Dr. Michael Harner
* Kevin Turner FSS Asia  
* Betsy Bergstrom

Dr. Anna’s story in her own words…

Two years ago, I underwent one of the many dark nights of the soul, the type that many shamanic or healing-type initiates go through. I often wondered if I’d ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. During this initiation, that felt like a death on so many levels, I happened upon a three-book series from the author Dr. Hank Wesselman: Vision Seeker, Medicine Maker, and Spirit Walker. These books gave me hope.

In his books, Dr. Hank Wesselmen mentions many experiences from the Shamanic Indigenous cultures he worked directly with as well-known anthropologist. He also mentions Michael Harner, from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, as well as his work with his dear friend, Kauhuna wisdom keeper Hawaiian elder, Hale Makua (His journey with his dear friend Hale is written about in his Bowl of Light Book) Along with his own mystical shamanic experiences, that as a scientist he couldn’t quite comprehend nor deny, he decided to write about them! I became fascinated and intrigued about Shamanism.

At about 11pm on a Wednesday night, I completed the three-book series, then went online to see if perhaps he had written a fourth book, to continue the unfinished story line. What I found instead that Dr. Wesselmen was also teaching Shamanic courses, and that he would be teaching his Vision Seeker 1 & 2 in person at Esalen Retreat Center starting that Friday throughout the upcoming weekend/week! I called Esalen the next morning as soon as they opened. I ended up getting the very last spot in both courses and the last bed! It was meant to be!

So began my introduction to the Non-Ordinary Reality of the Spirit Realm, which since I was young I have been well-connected to, but never had a navigational set of skills quite like this. I have since taken almost all of Dr. Wesselman’s courses and trainings. I am forever grateful as this path has healed me beyond measure. Hank looked at me after the Vision Seek 3 at Esalen, and “You’re going to help a lot of people!”

I have also had the privilege to work with the renowned Betsy Bergstrom, training directly with her on the art of Compassionate Depossession and Curse Unraveling.

Additional teachers I have studied with include: Kevin Turner, author and shamanic practitioner/teacher in Bali, Indonesia, for a three-year study program with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (FSS), founded by Dr. Michael Harner, PhD. I have trained with shamanic teachers Amanda Folder of FSS, here in California; as well as Sandra Ingerman for her classes Medicine for the Earth, & Walking in the Light.

Now bridging my expertise as a Level 3 certified practitioner of Network Chiropractic & soon-to-be certified in NET Neuro Emotional Technique January 2020 with Shamanic Healing practices. I am able to weave ancient and modern leading edge strategies to address fully the Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit of You!