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Meet Dr. Anna Stid D.C.

Dr. Anna Stid D.C., lives and practices in Marin California.  She has been licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the State of CA since 2004.  She has had many spiritual experiences that have lead her to a deeper path of discovering how healing can occur within and outside of just the physical body.  She has found is that disease typically starts at the level of Spirit/Soul, and works its way down to the mental then the emotional, and finally the physical level, where we experience symptoms of the disease.  By mending on the level of the highest organizing field of the Spirit and Soul, one can more easily access healing down through the mental, emotional and physical.  

This truth lead her to become a certified Core Shamanic Healing Practitioner, among the many initiations one goes through to be of service at this level.  She has undergone numerous vision quests to connect and harmonize herself to the spirits of the land, nature, and the animal kingdom.  

Dr. Anna is also a practicing yogini, and avid hiker.  She can also be found playing her baritone ukulele and singing while traveling.  She has been to 28 countries and counting!

Dr. Anna utilizes these worldly experiences and brings them into her healing modalities, bridging themes not often recognized by most mainstream doctors, creating unique and deep healing for her clients.  She is honored to have served folks from all walks of life, and offers a vast knowledge of the body-mind-spirit integration.  

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